It was fun but a weird kind of fun

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It was a first for me. It was a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience. It happened a while ago, but I think it will be fun to share it now to showcase that being sober at a party where everyone else is drunk allows you to see things from a weird but fun perspective.

I hadn't been feeling well for the past week or so. Hence, I decided not to drink during this particular party. It was a gathering of close friends making everyone comfortable from the get-go. …


A spoken word poem.

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I think love is
like letting yourself flow in the stream
like stars with moon on a clear night
like a rainbow in the sun after rain
like waves in a sea
like snow on a mountain
like hot chocolate on a winter day
like rum on a winter’s night
like iced tea on a summer afternoon
like sangria on a summer eve
like an incurable disease

Knowing what love feels like

I still wonder why
I find myself
in a stream with no current
like the moon on a cloudy night
without sun after rain
standing in a lake with no waves
atop a heap…

Life is poetry — poetry is life

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Life is like a scented candle
Soak in the fragrance before it melts away

Don’t wait for a special occasion
Light the candle today
bask in its radiance
Today is special
forget about tomorrow
Use the melted wax to create another candle for another day

Allow it to shine like a ray of sunshine at the end of the tunnel
ignite their wax light
and light the empty heart of your love

Let their and your aroma create a new aroma
open the doors of your hearts
so the amalgamated scent spread throughout the world
to spread joy, laughter, togetherness, and love…

And also become a mentally healthy and grateful person

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“Ask yourself a simple question: “How do I wake up every morning?” By that, I mean, what do those first few moments of consciousness feel like?”
Shawn Wells, The Energy Formula

What is a Morning Ritual?

→ A Morning Ritual is something(s) that you do every day in the morning after waking up.

I am more appreciative of life since I started having consistent morning rituals. Before I share my present morning rituals, let me tell you how my mornings used to look earlier. I want to do this to make 2 points:

  1. To show how eerily similar your…


Now I Recommend It to Everyone

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Therapy is still at large considered a taboo, especially in the place and community I come from. Although I always had an open mind about therapy, it took me almost three years to have my first session with a professional after realizing that there are issues inside my head.

In the sessions with my therapist, the core issue I found was that I had set too high expectations of myself. When those expectations were not met, I made myself feel guilty and a worthless piece of sh*t who doesn’t deserve anything. …


A spoken word poem

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I wake up wide-eyed
only to find myself lost
in the crowd
like a toddler alone
at Times’s square on New year’s eve

There is a light shining through me
only to be unseen
by others’ stress clouds
like a blind’s eyesight in the veil of darkness

I feel like a weed in a stream
trying to diverge the current
only to see it come undone moments later
like dividing any number by one

I hear myself
roaring like a lion
only to be unheard
like sound in the quiet of space

I am making
splashes in the ocean
only to…

And provide you a better perspective

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Have you ever found yourself stuck in a situation (it can be your job, a relationship, or studies) and didn't see a way out of it? Life is not easy, but it won't be fun if it was. The difficulties and tough times are the opportunities to grow.

I have found myself stuck in situations now and then in the last ten years. I amaze myself with the shift in mindset and growth I achieve whenever I pull myself out of these situations. …

Let’s find out

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In the last 6–7 months, I devoted my life to social media because I wanted to build an audience for the first book that I had finished. This devotion deviated me from my enjoyable trance of writing. I was so wrapped up in the follower count, the number of likes, or comments I was getting that I forgot the bigger picture.

I forgot that I am a writer who enjoys writing. I was writing micro-content for social media but didn’t find satisfaction because my eyes kept glancing at the numbers and analytics.

I pondered over my decisions and decided to…

If you take lessons from it instead of regrets

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Our greatest glory is not in falling, but in rising every time we fall. — Rocky Balboa, Rocky

Today failure is so much undervalued that people have stopped even talking about it. Instead, they are running blind in the direction of success, trying to imitate others’ success, forgetting the successful person had their share of failures.

Kids receive participation trophies instead of learning the value of failure. This prevents kids from facing failures and inadvertently, does not allow them to improve themselves and better their losses.

I don’t understand why people are so afraid to talk about failure in life…

Tarun Gupta

Fiction Writer / Poet, also sharing inspiring stories about living a life with a better perspective. Also a Data Scientist. Twitter: @mistakenlyhuman

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