Wake up. Kick Ass. Be Kind. Repeat. How to Have Sustainably High Levels of Dopamine? Here’s the research based answer.
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Dopamine is essential for getting anything done. It is responsible for all energy and movements. The dopamine cycle is intricate, but its understanding is crucial.

Everyone has a baseline level of dopamine. Whenever you do something enjoyable, the dopamine level rises and drops below the baseline, returning to the baseline…

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If you want to be published in literary magazines or journals as a poet, then you need to stop immediately publishing poetry on Medium and similar platforms and social media.

One reason stands out from the rest because of the seriousness it possesses.

Reason #1: First Publishing Rights

First Rights means the publication is buying the right to be the first to publish your piece.

If you are not aware, you can’t…

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One of my articles recently hit 100,000 views. This was a first that I had been looking forward to a long time.

In this article, I’ll talk about the idea behind writing that unicorn article, along with screenshots of my analytics and how much I actually made.

Before diving into…

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