6 Pieces of Advice to Remember You Are a Human Being, Not a Machine

There is overwhelm in trying to do everything

Tarun Gupta
2 min readMay 9, 2022


Life has weird ways of sneaking up on us. You never know where the next bout of inspiration might come from, the inspiration you didn't know you needed.

The same thing happened to me a couple of days ago. The eye-opening ideology I stumbled upon allowed me to put everything in perspective. Most of all, the packaging of this inspiration surprised me.

The advice I received was to slow down.

  • I will not be left behind if I take a couple of days off; I can afford it.
  • I realized being afraid is part of the process.
  • There are only a limited amount of hours in a day, and I can only do so much without crashing or burning out in the long run.
  • I will have to de-board my train halfway if I don’t make the process sustainable.
  • I can’t be everything before my time comes.
  • I can never know in advance if I am right or wrong.
  • I can only dream and keep working while keeping in mind that not all dreams come true.

The best thing of all was that this inspiration was bundled in the lyrics of the song Vienna by Billy Joel.

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